Ouija is seen as a form of divination.   It  is a flat board marked with letters, numbers, and other symbols, like ‘Yes’ and  ‘No’,  ‘Good bye’ and ‘Maybe’  . Ouija, like, Spirit boards, witchboards, oracle boards, and mystery boards are all guises of the talking board.

Ouija is also toy, or a game, what is sold for people all ages to play together.

Some users of Ouija board believes that spirits, are using the board for communication.  Those spirits can be people or animals who pass away, or  supernatural or paranormal  spirits.

There is also warnings that Satan himself is using the board, and  people who starts to play with board are or loosing they minds, or souls.

Skeptics believes that one or all the players are moving the pointer,  consciously or unconsciously.

We do not sign any of those comments, everybody can use the board as they like, for divination, communication with spirits or satan, or  like any other board game with friends and family.